Wellness Care Services


Over the years we have been asked over and over about doing “WELLNESS” exams for patients who are not coming for surgery. ALL pets need at least a yearly physical exam in order to stay healthy and to be sure any problems that may appear are caught early. Even a yearly exam is a long time between “healthy” doctor visits, much as if you waited 7 years or even more between yearly physicals. Many of our patients need yearly vaccinations, and some are on a three-year vaccination schedule. Despite the frequency of vaccines, ALL cats and dogs truly need a thorough physical exam at least once a year, and the very young and the very old need them more often.

Since the economic situation has been difficult for so many people this past year, and because so many people are skipping this critical part of their pet’s care, we are offering “Wellness” physical examinations and routine vaccinations to our patients. We also offer yearly heartworm testing and feline combo testing (FeLv and FIV,) and prophylactic (routine preventative) yearly deworming. While we hope that everyone has a relationship with his or her regular family veterinarian, we also know that many do not, and due to financial constraints this may prohibit routine wellness care for a pet.

RCCAH now offers yearly exams for otherwise healthy pets, by appointment only. However, we are not able to provide inpatient care for pets with serious illness or need for hospitalization, so we ask that your pets meet the following criteria:

Pets MUST be already spayed or neutered.

Examinations and vaccines are by appointment only.

Heartworm testing may be required if a dog is not already up to date.

Vaccinations will include CORE (medically recommended vaccines on a 1 or 3 year schedule)

Deworming will be done for pets “at risk.”


If you are interested in scheduling a yearly exam with vaccinations (or simply a healthy pet exam,) please give us a call at (904) 733-8123 and we will be glad to discuss your pet’s needs and set up an appointment!!

Save time, download your pet’s medical record.

Canine Wellness Record

Feline Wellness Record

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