Individual Pet Owners

We know you love your pet and want to provide only the best possible care while keeping the cost affordable. Through donations and working with local area businesses and animal rescue organizations, RCCAH is able to provide individualized care at a lower cost than traditional veterinary clinics.

Worried about discomfort for your pet? RCCAH is also the only low cost clinic that provides pain management for all patients. We treat each patient as the individual and important family member they are with attention to maximizing patient comfort and promoting the fastest recovery possible.

We know the surgery can be stressful not only for your pet, but for you as well. As a result we provide a thorough pre-surgical exam and consultation with each owner regarding any discovered issues prior to conducting the surgery. Each owner is apprised of any medical conditions or concerns and provided with full information prior to surgery being conducted in order to ensure the best care and recovery. For any issues discovered during surgery, RCCAH also provides a post-surgical consultation to answer any questions you have about your pet’s future treatment and care. Because we care about each animal we see, RCCAH also conducts post-surgical follow up calls the day following surgery to address any questions or concerns you may have.

 Medical Record Requests

Thank you for choosing River City Community Animal Hospital for your pet’s medical needs. Due to the nature of the RCCAH program, our space on board the mobile surgery unit is very limited. We cannot keep all our patient records on board. During the morning orientation you are asked to keep your pet’s medical record in a safe spot for further reference. We understand from time to time things happen and you may misplace your pet’s record. In order to replace your pet’s medical record, our staff will have to retrieve the record out of a warehouse located in Jacksonville; this may take as much as two weeks. Our records are filed by exact date, due to the type of accounting and tracking system we must use. To hopefully eliminate longer waiting periods, we ask that you fill out the form below and return it to our office via email:

Please understand we MUST have the form completely filled out; all forms not completely filled out (we MUST have the date) will result in longer waiting periods or possibly ignored requests. Please also understand our staff may charge a small fee for postage and handling due to the large number of requests we receive for copies of lost records.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Please click below for Request Form

Medical Record Request Form RCCAH

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