Frequently Asked Questions

Does River City Community Animal Hospital see dogs?

Currently our van has the capability of holding 30 cats for surgery; we also provide spay and neuter services for dogs, and can accommodate 14 dogs per spay day. On days when we combine both dogs and cats, we must adjust the numbers of each type of pet to accommodate space and time needed. Both dogs and cats are scheduled by appointment only.

Does River City Community Animal Hospital hold vaccine clinics?

Our mission is to provide sterilization services and education as our primary goals; we do provide  CORE vaccines on the patients we see for surgery, and will see special “WELLNESS” appointments (by appointment only) for patients already spayed or neutered. We do NOT provide separate vaccinations-wellness exams for any pet that has NOT already been responsibly spayed or neutered. We strongly believe in our clients forming a relationship with a family veterinarian for all other services.

How can River City Community Animal Hospital offer reduced fee services?

Since River City Community Animal Hospital is a non-profit 501(c) 3 we are subsidized through collected fees, corporate sponsors, and donations from generous supporters.

What is included with the surgery fee?

We perform a thorough physical exam on all surgery patients, as well as any needed pre-operative antibiotics, surgery day pain medication, rabies vaccines, sterile surgery, and the use of state of the art monitoring equipment. We may recommend other additional procedures based upon the needs of each individual pet, also offered at lower fees.

Will River City Community Animal Hospital declaw my cat at the same time as the spay surgery?

No. Our primary goal is to provide sterilization, basic health care services, and education to decrease the pet overpopulation problem and provide a better and healthier life for your pet. We do not provide any cosmetic or convenience surgeries, nor any surgeries not endorsed by the Humane Society of The United States. Declawing, tail docking, and ear cropping are not considered a humane procedure by the HSUS nor by RCCAH. We will be happy to discuss other options and alternatives with you at the time of your appointment.

How long has River City Community Animal Hospital been performing spay days?

We started performing spay days for cats only about twice a month in January of 2005; now we provide spay days up to 4 times a week (Tuesday through Friday) and provide services to cats and dogs throughout northeast Florida and southeastern Georgia.

How many staff members does River City Community Animal Hospital currently have?

River City Community Animal Hospital has 2 (partially paid) full time employees, and several dedicated unpaid volunteers. Our organization is strictly run by the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and a wonderful group of licensed veterinarians and volunteers.

I have a stray cat I have been feeding; can River City Community Animal Hospital help me?

River City Community Animal Hospital does not have an adoption facility; we can, however, put you in touch with several local adoption agencies and rescues if you do not want to keep your stray cat (or dog.) If you wanted to keep the cat, whether it be an outside cat or an inside cat we recommend you test for FELV-FIV, complete the vaccine series, deworm, and most importantly, spay or neuter. All dogs should certainly be spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies and “distemper” (DHPP,) and at least tested for heartworm disease.

Can my pet go home the same day of its surgery?

Certainly; we use anesthesia  geared to each individual and with which they are recovered enough to go home the same afternoon as their surgery. We will send home extensive post surgical instructions for you to follow, as well as a list of emergency phone numbers. We recommend you isolate your pet after its surgery, and keep a close eye on him or her for at least 24 hrs after surgery. We discuss this and also provide a written list of post-op instructions for after surgery care at home.

Does River City Community Animal Hospital perform any other surgeries or provide other services besides spay – neuter?

River City Community Animal Hospital is dedicated to ending the pet overpopulation problem. Our main focus is to provide the  highest possible standards for spay or neuter services and client education. We care for each individual patient as if they were our only patient, and will discuss any health issues we may find and help advise you in caring for your pet.  If an individual patient has particular needs in addition to sterilization surgery, we will gladly discuss options at that time. We believe in forming a relationship with a family veterinarian for all other services, and for the life of the pet.

Does River City Community Animal Hospital use a qualifying system for fees?

We strongly believe  that it is extremely important for all animals to be spayed and neutered. We do not qualify clients for our services. Our fees are considerably lower than the average private practice fee for sterilization and associated care in order to make this a possibility for all pet owners and caretakers. All are welcome.

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