Would you care to make a donation to help us?

If you would prefer to mail in a donation, the mailing address is:

River City Community Animal Hospital
PO BOX 551344
Jacksonville, Florida 32255.

If you wish to use a credit card, the information may be phoned in to us at (904) 733-8123 and a receipt may be texted or e-mailed back to you immediately.


There are countless other ways to donate, as well.

Since we do not have a standing hospital, donations of supplies or goods could be arranged by meeting with the mobile unit on a day when we are nearest you; we would be very happy to do this, so call us at the office line (904) 733-8123 and we’ll see what we can do to make this happen!!

Donating as a Memorial to a beloved pet or friend or family member is also a wonderful way to honor someone who has touched our lives. Please check our PAWS FOR THE MEMORIES page for more information.

Other ways donations may be made:
RCCAH is a member of HANDS ON JACKSONVILLE Volunteer organization (www.handsonjacksonville.org.) They help volunteers find a niche and ways to donate time or financial support to us.

Many larger companies have “Matching” programs, by which current or retired employees may donate to an approved organization and the company will match or donate similar funds. PRUDENTIAL does this and your company may, as well. If you would like to begin a matching program with your company, we would be happy to provide all our information to your employer.

Corporate sponsors are ALWAYS needed and REALLY make an enormous difference in the range and depth of services we can provide for our patients. If you have any business affiliations that might be willing to consider a sponsorship, grant, or other support, we would be more than happy to meet with a representative and explore the possibilities! Some companies are willing to donate “in kind” and these donations are extremely valuable. For example, a fuel company might donate gasoline for the mobile unit; a hospital or medical group might donate surgical supplies; grocery, office, or department stores might donate paper products, cleaning supplies, distilled water, or other inventory. Printing needs are CONSTANT for us and office supplies always needed. Some groups may volunteer their time to help on the van or cleaning the van or distributing fliers and other information.

RCCAH does not have an advertising budget. ANY advertising (through local media like television, radio, or printed papers) makes an enormous difference in promoting our mission and helping animals. Large “animal welfare” groups often have large advertising budgets, but we concentrate our funds directly into patient care and community education, so any advertising efforts are ALWAYS needed. We never know who might help, but we do know everyone can do something and help save lives!!

We are truly grateful for any donations, and everything goes to keeping our mission on the road and improving lives for our patients (and the families who love them.)

We have been so very fortunate to have had some faithful and loyal supporters since we started our mission in 2004; we have gained more support along the way, and want to especially thank the following WONDERFUL donors for ALL they have done to save lives and make the world a better place for animals and their people!!

  • Mr. James Gruber
  • Mr. Darren Chesser
  • Ms. Linda Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chesser
  • Ms. Carolyn Wright
  • Ms. Sharon Connell
  • Ms. Angel Merritt
  • Dr. Sarah Skinner
  • Ms. Patricia Stancil
  • Michael and Donna Rodgers
  • Ms. Julie Mullis
  • Parker and Claudia Winchester
  • Ms. Linda Ganas
  • Ms. Vicki Martin
  • Ms. Margo Waite-Briel
  • Barb and Rob Cook
  • Kathy and Ed Lumpeisz
  • Ms. Kitty Marcum
  • Al and Brenda Zawacki
  • Ms. Ann Snyder
  • Ms. Vicki McLain
  • Mr. Al Lim
  • Ms. Risa Grant
  • Ms. Linda Allan
  • Richard and Elvira Covey
  • Ms. Janice S. Burnett
  • Ms. Margaret Yeager
  • Ms. Pamela S. Ottesen
  • Ms. Peggy Green
  • Carl and Patricia Steinhauser
  • Mr. Paul Hudgins
  • Ms. Deborah L. Blair
  • Ms. Ann Brakke Campfield
  • Ms. Pamela J. Baker
  • Ms. Karen Pollard-Batchelor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stein
  • Ms. Elizabeth Hope
  • Claire and F. William Zaiser
  • Ms. Kathy Clock
  • Ms. Darla Duffy
  • Ms. Patrice Beasley
  • Ms. Bobbie Jo Baughman
  • JB Ulch
  • Ms. Julie Mullis
  • Mr. Melvin Thornton
  • Shelly Smith and Susan Smith
  • Ms. Marsha Rooks
  • Ms. Susan Ashburn
  • Ms. Diane Williams
  • G. Edwin Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gainey
  • Albert C. and Angela K. Nicolas
  • Brain D. and Cynthia M. Summers
  • Ms. Judy Burtner
  • Ms. Debby Luyster
  • Caroline May Ttee and Kathleen Cold Ttee
  • Brooke Davis, DVM
  • Creatures Great and Small
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