About Us


River City Community Animal Hospital is dedicated to ending the tragedy of our community’s  pet overpopulation problem. We are based in Jacksonville, Florida, but travel as far as the Gulf of Mexico, including all of Southeastern Georgia and northeastern Florida.

Over 26,000 animals are turned in to Jacksonville area shelters alone; out of these numbers, only about 6,000 animals are adopted. Across the country, the deaths from being “unadopted”  soars into the many millions. This tragedy is repeated in all communities to some greater or lesser extent. In some communities, there are no shelters nor veterinary care of any kind locally available, especially for spay and neuter services. Although some small percentage of sheltered animals may be adopted, the rest are euthanized due to not having enough homes available for every needy animal. In order to prevent the needless killing of healthy adoptable animals, River City Community Animal Hospital is committed to spaying and neutering all animals seen by our organization.

It is worth noting that many of the dogs and cats in shelters are purebreds. Being a purebred does NOT make for a better pet nor a healthier one; mixed breed animals are often healthier since rarely are they inbred nor carry the many genetic problems common to certain breeds. Please know that adopting a pet of any background is saving a life and helping animals everywhere, but purchasing a pet only adds to the problem and results in creating  a market for people to breed more animals to sell.  Many animals that are sold, regardless of the breed,  often wind up in shelters or with people who continue to breed them and add to the problem.  Animals sold through pet stores virtually ALWAYS are brokered through puppy mills or “breeders” only interested in profit. Several sources for pets that only encourage tragedy are pet stores (that sell dogs and cats,) the Internet, flea markets, roadside sales, and “backyard breeders.”  There is virtually no regulation or requirement for being called a “breeder,” other than having access to a fertile animal! Please help us end the tragedy of too many pets for the homes available. Please ADOPT and don’t BUY!!

Since we are non-profit, we are subsidized through the lower professional fees we collect, from private donations, and corporate sponsors.

This helps our organization offer lower fee spay/neuters and individualized patient care at the highest standards of medical care possible.

River City Community Animal Hospital is directed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. All surgeries and medical care are provided by licensed veterinarians and dedicated volunteers.

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