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¬†As of November of 2011, RCCAH has started providing services to the people of Charlton County, Georgia. Folkston, “Gateway to the Okefenokee,” is the first major town on US 1 going north past the Florida line. Folkston is famous for being home to the FOLKSTON FUNNEL, a sort of “squeeze chute” through which East Coast trains pass going up and down the Eastern Seaboard; there is a grandstand on the west side of the town center that has a wonderful train museum and allows you to watch the trains come and go as well as hear the engineers’ conversations.

Folkston does not have a full time veterinarian within the town, and residents often must travel to Waycross or down to Callahan for surgical or emergency services. RCCAH has many clients who have driven quite a way from Folkston to use our services in other towns, so we hope our presence in Folkston will provide a needed service and make a difference for the pets there.



  1. Kathi Tomlin on June 26th, 2012 3:52 pm

    When do you come to Folkston. The folks I’ve talked to say they have come to you in Woodbine, but that you haven’t been coming here. I recently moved here from another state and am amazed and upset about the pet situation in Charlton County. It seems there are no rescue groups, no protections for animals here, and a vet who “tries” to come once a week on Tuesdays.

    I moved in with a friend here who had feral cats on her property, and I told her about TNR. We trapped the cats (exept the one we call Wiley because he will not go near a trap even if he were starving. We took them to FCNMHP where they were altered for $10, which is a real bargain.

    I understand there are many people here who have community cats roaming around who are upset about them continuing to multiple and cause problems. I intend to contact FCNMHP about helping with literature and traps to resolve some of the over populating. But it is a very long drive to their facility from here. I intend to help as much as possible with getting these cats trapped and fixed, but we are 2 older ladies on disablity and just don’t have a lot of money for gas to go back and forth to Jax that often.

    I am going to try to find volunteers interested in helping by walking their neighborhood and hanging the literature on doors. I will be able to do some of the walking, but my friend uses a walker most of the time and I don’t know that she can help with that. I also need volunteers who are willing to help transport or donate gas money for the trips.

    My reason for writing is to find out how you can help, and how much help you can give to Folkston? I have met many, many people here with dogs who are not fixed. They don’t want puppies/kittens, but they say they can’t afford to have their animals fixed.

    Is there some way we could work with the city and set up a spay/neuter day and have low cost help for these people?
    Kathi Tomlin

  2. pat on June 3rd, 2013 3:05 pm

    I am not sure if this post was ever answered, but we no longer come to Folkston. We tried several days there but there was not nearly enough local interest to even cover fuel charges, so we discontinued that area. We would be glad to return if there were enough interest, but we do not have an advertising budget and must depend on word of mouth and local “shopper” fliers. Most of our Folkston people come and see us in Kingsland. We have NEVER been to Woodbine at all.

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